North Cyprus, With Love


I was in desperate need of an escape! So I left behind a trail of disaster at work and headed off to sunny Northern Cyprus with my family.

My future brother in law had kindly invited us to stay at his family home in a beautiful village in Kyrenia, and from there he took us for an adventure of beautiful sights, clear blue seas and some really delicious food of North Cyprus. Here are my highlights:

Top 10 Highlights:

1) Golden Beach, Karpasia – Beautiful secluded golden beach located in the far eastern side of North Cyprus. Think lots of sun, clear blue skies and seas, swarms of little fishes and hot golden sand – Paradise. The night sky was also clear that it was filled with twinkling stars, and we even spotted a shooting star.
2) Bulgur Kofte, Kahve, Nicosia – Delicious bulgur shell filled with minced meat, onions, parsley and spices serve with fresh lime juice.
3) St Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia – Magical historical castle which, apparently, gave Walt Disney the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. I trekked up there with a pinched nerve on my neck, it was so worth it.
4) Lahmacun at Leman restaurant, Kyrenia – Addictive traditional Turkish pizza with minced meat serve with parsley and fresh lemon juice. I had this three times!
5) Road trip from Golden Beach back to Kyrenia – The continuous beautiful landscape of just mountains and sea made the two hours drive back home enjoyable.
6) Turkish salad & home grown potato chips – I don’t eat much salad and chips back home in UK, but when made in North Cyprus they were addictive! It must be the lemon juice.
7) Bellapaise Abbey “Abbey of peace” – 13th century monastery ruin located on top of a mountain with a great sea view. It was a romantic setting and very popular for a wedding venue.
8) Turkish Tea and coffee – Black tea serve in a beautiful tulip-shaped glass cup on a decorative plate.
9) Ezic Peanut, Kyrenia – Lunch by the windy sea front. They literally served peanuts coated in sugar.
10) When there was food, there were cats.

More pictures of North Cyprus can be found on Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. Biff

    Lovely pictures and easy to digest highlights! Sounds like a right culinary experience!

  2. isabella

    Love the picture with May in it. Shows off the vast landscape behind her.

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